Dr Andreas Brunklaus

Dr Andreas Brunklaus

Dr Andreas Brunklaus is a Paediatric Neurologist at the Royal Hospital for Children, Glasgow and Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer at the University of Glasgow. 

Originally from Germany, Dr Brunklaus trained at the Charité Medical School, Humboldt University Berlin and completed his child neurology training at the Royal Hospital for Children in Glasgow and Great Ormond Street Hospital in London. 

He obtained his MD(Res) from the University of Glasgow and has an ongoing research interest in epilepsy genetics and ion channelopathies, in particular SCN1A and Dravet Syndrome.

Today, Dr Brunklaus is one of the UK’s leading experts in Dravet Syndrome. In addition to treating Dravet patients on a daily basis in Glasgow (where he works alongside Professor Sameer Zuberi, another DSUK Advisory Board member), he has made important contributions to furthering scientific understanding of Dravet Syndrome and is the author of several key publications that have helped to improve medical knowledge about this complex condition. 

Most recently, Dr Brunklaus and colleagues completed a 10-year study on the impact of Dravet Syndrome on quality of life (visit the ‘Comorbidities’ section of our website for some early insights from this study).