Damian Gormley

Damian was born on the 18th of October 1992 and gained his angel wings on 19th of February 2009. He wasn’t diagnosed with Dravet syndrome until he was 13 as he hadn’t really been a typical text book DS in the early days, but then nothing about Damian was typical anyway.

Despite the medical and physical challenges Damian faced on a daily basis he was a happy boy he loved his sisters Louise and Christine the banter between them was comical even though Damian couldn’t speak he got his message across, he loved music, football and as he got older girls typical teenager really. Life was short but all considering it was pretty amazing. He met Pussy Cat Dolls back stage along with Nicole’s boyfriend Lewis Hamilton, they even dedicated a song to him on stage the envy of every male in Glasgow I reckon. He never missed a Kylie concert and received a signed CD, he also met Paolo Nutini and of course his beloved Rangers football team not just once but twice.

Life was one big party regardless of our daily struggles, music played every day, we danced, we laughed and we made memories. Damian was such a special person being part of Damian’s life was a life changing journey, enriched with emotions and experiences that continue even 6 years after his passing. As a family we were so lucky to have him in our lives and he continues to be greatly missed by myself and his big sister Louise and younger sister Christine.