Amanda McLeish

Amanda will be 24 years old this year. When she left school her parents learnt that there was very little charitable help around for toys, equipment or holidays for young adults with Dravet syndrome.

Dravet Syndrome UK set up the 16-Plus Assistance Fund in 2012 and to provide financial support for those 16 years and over with Dravet syndrome.

When Amanda’s parents first saw an iPad they knew it would be a great educational and fun tool for Amanda, helping her to learn new skills and maintain the ones she already had. Amanda’s parent’s applied to Dravet Syndrome UK for an iPad for Amanda. The application was very straight forward; the main element was to be able to show confirmation of a Dravet syndrome diagnosis. The form has a few questions about what you need, what benefits it will bring for the person and an estimated cost. Her mum said: “I was very impressed by the whole process as it only took a few weeks from start to finish, and Amanda is really benefitting from the new technology. It continues to be the best way for her to learn with the benefits of increased concentration and hand eye co-ordination.”

Amanda’s parents used to have to take all her toys with them in a big bag when they went out, but it is so much easier with her iPad as it accommodates everything she enjoys through the vast amount of apps and videos geared towards her learning ability.

“We are very grateful to Dravet Syndrome UK for taking on-board one of the many problems faced by parents when our children grow-up and become adults”, added Amanda’s mum. “Through the 16-Plus Assistance Fund my daughter has been given the opportunity to experience up-to-date play and learning in the same way as others.”