Center Parcs 2023

Our next Family Weekend Away will take place from Friday 16th to Monday 19th June 2023 at Center Parcs Sherwood Forest.

What to expect

Hear all about the magic of our annual family weekend away in our film below:

Center Parcs 2022 Family Weekend Away Video

Center Parcs was a massive, enormous, revelation to us because we had not been anywhere with Joe. We just found a new life for ourselves, it allowed us to relax. I remember that really set us on the path of ok, that was our life before, being cooped up inside not really knowing what to do, and now things are possible

Emily, Joe's Mum

How to book

You need to book your stay with Center Parcs directly (as below). As part of your booking, you can choose to book accommodation in a centrally-located lodge. Center Parcs have agreed to waive the fee for booking accommodation in the central area, as follows; The free preference for central areas is for medical support (i.e. if you haven't got a child or adult in your care reliant on medical support and are not part of the medical support yourself, you will not be entitled to the free preference charge). 

Booking by phone: 

Booking online: 

  1. Book your lodge online direct with Center Parcs by clicking here and select a central lodge. 
  2. Following making your booking, send a separate email to and explain that you have a booking as part of the Dravet Weekend at Sherwood in June 2023. Include your booking reference number. The refund adjustment will be made manually by Center Parcs.

DSUK Center Parcs Grants

Details of our Center Parcs Grants have not yet been finalised for the 2023 event, but we will keep you posted, so watch this space.


It can be very isolating caring for someone with Dravet but for one weekend a year, Centre Parcs becomes a community of people that have that one thing in common. Being at Centre Parcs provides the opportunity to be among other families that are going through similar experiences to you. This seems to lessen the burden and provides a sense of unity with other families.

Scott, Tom’s Dad