Annual weekend away

Annual Weekend Away

Dravet syndrome can be a very isolating condition. It is so very different to the more mainstream epilepsies and families can often be left feeling very alone and as if no one really understands the complexity of their child’s condition.

Here at Dravet Syndrome UK our aim is to change that.

Each year we hold an annual weekend away. It all started in 2009 with seven families heading to Skegness. The families really bonded and had a great time. Parents were able to chat to others who really understood and were able to share experiences and knowledge. Siblings got to meet, chat and have fun with others in exactly the same position and they didn’t feel they had to make excuses for their brother or sister, which so often happens.

Our 2018 weekend away will take place on 15th-18th June 2018

The following year in 2010 the venue was changed to Center Parcs in Nottingham, as one of the most central locations in the country, and over the past 6 years the number of families has increased year on year. The charity organises a sibling’s event, an exclusive soft play session and a mum’s and dad’s night. Feedback following the weekend is always great, with many families booking for the following year immediately on their return.

Apply online for the Center Parcs grant

For further details on how to book and how to access the grant please contact teresa.f@dravet.org.uk