Families Annual weekend away

Center Parcs 2015

Center Parcs 2015

Fond memories of 2015

In 2015 we shared an unforgettable weekend together at Center Parcs.

The weekend commenced with a Family Gathering on the Friday at The Sports Bar followed bright and early the next morning by Siblings activities from 9:30am.

Saturday also saw our soft play session at Huck’s with Dad’s night out following hot in its heals Saturday evening. Not to be outdone, Mum’s night took place on the Sunday from 7:30pm and was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Dillon Earnshaw enjoyed the Laser Quest most of all, but also enjoyed getting a few hours away from his sister, Georgia! His mum Laura thinks he appreciated seeing other siblings who are going through the same as him, so he feels he's not the only person going through it.

Mum Rita Joshi said, “The Centre Parcs weekend  was the highlight of the year - it was all incredibly easy, from booking, meeting other families, both our Dravet and non-Dravet children made friends, we made friends and had the freedom to do as much or as little as we wanted. Every member of our family just loved it - something for everyone!”

Daughter Leila said, “An action-packed weekend, I made lots of new friends and loved the Laser Quest! Mum and Dad were incredibly relaxed and I can't wait to go next year.”

As with every year we all gathered on Monday as we asked all families to come and meet us at the beach in front if the pancake house to join in our big group photo as an opportunity to say goodbye, exchange contact details etc. Some of us who really didn’t want to head home just yet stayed on for lunch (and maybe just one last swim!)