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Dravet Syndrome UK understand how isolating it can be to have a child with Dravet syndrome, and how important and helpful it is to have the opportunity to meet with other Dravet families to share experiences of living with the condition. We are delighted to help families achieve this by offering a grant of up to £50 towards such events. You may feel that meeting in a café is suitable or for some the need for a private room may be required. Therefore the grant can be used towards a suitable room to hire, and/or refreshments if a room is not required. The hope is that this will encourage and enable as many people to attend the meetings as possible.

Gatherings must be open to all Dravet families wishing to attend and details must be provided to Dravet Syndrome UK at least 6 weeks in advance of the meeting so that we have a chance to advertise the meeting to all families through our forums and email. A minimum of four families must plan to attend the gathering to qualify for a grant. Dravet Syndrome UK will reimburse once the meeting has taken place and receipts have been received. Each group can claim up to a maximum of four gatherings a year.

If you have any questions regarding the grant, please email Teresa Finch (teresa.f@dravet.org.uk)

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