Panorama Digital Video Baby Monitor

The Panorama Digital Video Baby Monitor replaces the popular Baby Touch Edge Digital Monitor (now discontinued).

The Panorama Digital Video Baby Monitor offers a large 5” colour LCD screen with a pan, tilt and zoom camera allowing you to remotely control the camera to keep a moving baby in view.

Packed with features the monitor includes: 

- Onscreen nursery temperature display

- Automatic night vision

- Two-way talkback

- A blue and red soft glow nightlight.

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Important: Panorama Digital Video Baby Monitor and other monitoring equipment is provided by Dravet Syndrome UK in an assistive capacity only. The intention of provision is to assist in management of an individual and their condition and symptoms, to help minimise risk. Monitoring devices are assistive only and must not be used in substitute for observing clinical signs. Dravet Syndrome UK can accept no liability for the accuracy of monitoring equipment nor any consequences resulting from reliance on the device, or actions of a patient, carer, medical practitioner or other individual resulting from use of the device.