Super siblings

Super Siblings

Siblings of those diagnosed with Dravet syndrome do not experience a typical upbringing. They are often exposed to many experiences that would upset and shock an adult, never mind a child.

The sibling of a child or adult with Dravet syndrome has to get used to seeing their brother or sister seize, often accompany them in an ambulance, see medical staff trying desperately to stop the seizure, experience possible behavioural problems, experience the isolation that often goes alongside living with a disabled sibling, learn to deal with the fact that there are times when plans are cancelled, holidays not possible, sleepovers just too intense and the simple fact that their Mum and Dad are stressed, worried and exhausted.

Many parents speak about how they could not manage without the little things their Dravet child’s siblings do but despite that they rarely get the recognition they deserve.

Parents/carers or friends can nominate a child once to win the sibling’s award and a winner is chosen annually.

Siblings can be nominated for any reason, maybe they’ve done something extra to help their brother or sister, maybe they’ve done particularly well at school, maybe they’ve organised a fundraising event at either work or school or maybe they are just consistently a fabulous sibling. There is no age limit, all they have to do to qualify is to be a super sibling.

So go ahead and fill in the ‘Super Sibling’ nomination form and let’s give those brilliant brothers and stupendous sisters the recognition they deserve.

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