Why Fundraise for Us?

Each year we need to raise over £320,000 to keep providing our much needed services. In 2018/19, for every £1 spent 80p was spent on charitable activities, 20p on fundraising and a negligible amount on generating income.

Every one of our supporters’ fundraising efforts truly does make a difference. For example £1,000 pays for a Pulse Oximeter Package for one family, £250 pays for an epilepsy mattress monitor (MedPage Monitor) for one family and £200 pays for a video monitor for one family. These monitors help save lives and we are committed to providing them without a waiting list for any Dravet family that applies.

Since 2009 thanks to your support we’ve funded:

Thank you from us all for helping to improve the lives of those affected by Dravet Syndrome.


Fundraising Tips

10 easy steps for organising a fundraising event for Dravet Syndrome UK.

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