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Many thanks for considering fundraising for Dravet Syndrome UK.

Every penny raised goes towards meeting our three aims of funding medical research into the condition, raising awareness within the medical community and supporting families emotionally, practically and financially. Every penny truly does make a difference, for example £800 pays for a pulse oximeter package for one family, £600 pays for an epilepsy mattress monitor for one family and £150 pays for a video monitor for one family. These monitors can prove life saving and Dravet Syndrome UK are committed to providing them without a waiting list for any Dravet family that apply.

£5 helps pay for the postage of a Family Welcome Pack & Guide to Dravet Syndrome

£30 helps pay for Portable Finger Oximeter or one Super Siblings Award

£50 helps pay for a Family Gathering Grant

£125 helps pay for a Video Monitor

£250 helps pays for a family grant to Center Parcs or one MedPage Monitor

£500 helps pay for drafting, design and print of 2,000 information awareness leaflets 

£1,000 helps pay for a Pulse Oximeter or funds a 16+ Adult Assistance Grant

£2,000 helps pay for Sibling Activities at Center Parcs

Fundraising should always be fun so please do download the Dravet Syndrome UK fundraising pack for ideas on what you can do, and how to go about it. If you require running vests, tee shirts or collection boxes these can be provided, along with Dravet Syndrome UK wristbands, which can be sold on for £1 each.

Download the Fundraisers Pack

Download Fundraising poster 1

Download Fundraising poster 2

Download the Notification of Fundraising Form

Download the Dravet Gift Aid/sponsor form

To date, since being founded in 2008 Dravet Syndrome UK has funded over £200,000 of research into Dravet syndrome with plans in place for a further £66,000 of research funding in 2016.

If you have any questions or would like to chat with us about your fundraising please do get in touch with and thank you from everyone at Dravet Syndrome UK for helping to improve the lives of those affected by Dravet syndrome.