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Fundraising ideas

Fundraising ideas


This could be auctioning off anything, including skills. You could hold an actual auction or raise money through EBay auctions.

Bag packing

Ask your local supermarket if you can help pack bags to raise money.

Car wash

This is especially good fun on a sunny day. Get your friends involved and get washing those cars for cash!

Cheese and wine evening

A winning combination for raising money and socialising, you can hold this at home or in a local hall.


Get the kids involved by getting friends and family to pay them for tasks such as car washing, gardening, dog walking, cat sitting, washing-up, reading to younger siblings, helping with shopping, taking the rubbish out, dusting, the list goes on!

Coffee & cake morning

Get people involved in baking and raise money through coffee and cake sales while getting to catch up with your friends! You could run these at home or at work.

Cooking skills

You could cook a meal for friends to buy, set your dining room up as a restaurant for the night, or cook treats to sell at work. If you’re a really great cook you could even write your own mini recipe brochure and sell!

Craft fair

You could run a craft fair with a percentage of the profits being donated, or have a table at a local craft fair. This covers anything handcrafted from homemade jam to birthday cards.

Cycle challenge

Turn your weekend cycle ride into a fundraiser by getting people to sponsor you for cycling certain distance or a particular cycle route. You can do this by yourself or with friends.


This could be for the kids or the adults. You can raise money from selling tickets and charging for drinks.

Dress down day

Organise a dress down day at work or a non-uniform day at school.


Get your local gym/exercise class to donate money from classes for a day or organise your own exercise class!

Extreme sports

If you like your extreme sports, why not get people to sponsor you to jump out of a plane or do a bungee jump?

Football fun

Get your local football league to raise money through ‘cash for goals’! Or put on a local football match as a charity fundraiser.

Fun run

Take part in, or organise a fun run. This could be at school or a local fun run, you could even dress up!

Golf day

Organise a golf day for you and your friends, pay to play or get sponsored

Money boxes

Lots of local supermarkets and shops have money boxes for charity. You could ask if they would support Dravet Syndrome UK as their chosen charity.

Pamper night

Organise a pamper night for your friends to attend where you can charge them for different treatments such as pedicure, facial, massage – depending on your skills! You might be able to convince a local beauty therapist to turn up and help out.

Quiz night

Ask a local pub or school to have you as their charity for their quiz night, or hold your own quiz.


There couldn’t be an easier way to raise money than by recycling ink cartridges and old mobile phones. We are registered with and for every ink cartridge you send we get £1 and mobile phones are worth considerably more. They will send you the posting bags, all you have to do is pop them in the post – it could not be easier!

Sponsored silence

A great one to get the kids to do!

Sponsored walk/trek/run

Ask your friends and family to sponsor you for a minimum amount per mile. The further you go the more money you raise!

Swishing event

Get your friends or workmates to all bring in some clothes they no longer wear and then swap them for something else and charge people to take part. You could have themes, for example at work get the men to bring in ties to swap or you could do it with household items you no longer use, swap that juicer for a teapot!


Get your workmates together to raise cash using some of the ideas above, staff fundraising is a great opportunity to develop team skills and improve morale. Research shows that 86% of consumers have a more positive image of a company that supports a charitable cause. You could nominate Dravet Syndrome UK as your charity of the year and we can work with you to develop press and PR opportunities.