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Fundraising tips

Fundraising tips

You can raise a lot of money for Dravet Syndrome UK by holding an event. Follow our five easy steps to organising a fundraising event and you will be on the road to success in no time.

  1. Be really creative, have a long think about how you want to raise money for Dravet Syndrome UK and make it fun. But remember simple ideas often work best.
  2. Promote it, the more people you tell about your event, the more money you will raise. Again, be creative. Get all your friends to use Facebook and other social networking sites to promote the event, use email, newsletters or even contact the local paper! And tell us, we’ll shout about it too.
  3. Get permission, this is really important. Make sure you’ve asked permission from relevant authorities, if applicable, before doing anything.
  4. Try to get support, consider selling tickets, get sponsorship and do as much as you can before the actual event to make sure you raise as much cash as you can for us. It’s easy to set up an online JustGiving page and sending the link to all of your friends and family will really help get more sponsorship.
  5. Get started, do all the preparation before the day to make sure your event runs smoothly. Get your family/friends to help you with some of the organising and then get on with having fun and raising money for Dravet Syndrome UK.

When planning your event make sure it doesn’t clash with a key event such as a pop concert or a big football game. Make sure you create a plan and factor in enough time so you don’t find yourself panicking at the last minute. Make sure you venue is big enough. Don’t forget about disabled access. What about seating? Electricity? Heating? Is there enough car parking?

Stay safe, if you are unsure about people’s safety check with your local authority. Carry out a risk assessment and check what public liability insurance the venue owner/operator has. If you have any queries regarding health and safety or insurance call us first on 07874 866937 or email us at 

Be realistic as to how much you think you’ll raise. Nobody wants to be disappointed.

Always keep proper financial records. Remember to factor in a deposit for the venue and/or hiring items such as tables, chairs, costumes, CD players etc.

If you are fundraising at work, ask if your firm operates a matched giving scheme in which every £ you raise is matched by them.

Keep your costs low. Try and secure as many items you need for free by using your contacts.

We can provide you with posters to advertise your event. Make sure you put them up in busy areas but always ask permission first.

We can also e-mail you our logo for additional flyers/invites you are putting together. Please do not change the shape or layout and please let us approve the material before it’s printed.

Go to and set up your own personalised page.

It’s a great and easy way to keep track of your fundraising and who has sponsored you. It is also a great way to ensure gift aid is added to every eligible donation.

Use Gift Aid and you can make your donation worth even more to Dravet Syndrome UK.

For every £ you donate Dravet Syndrome UK can claim an extra 20pence from the Inland Revenue, which will make a huge difference to us but doesn’t cost you a penny. So if you want your donation to go further gift aid it. If you click through on the link for our fundraising pack you can complete the enclosed form and send it back to us with your donation.

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