Professional Conference

The medical and scientific understanding of Dravet Syndrome has increased significantly during recent years. We've entered an incredibly exciting and hopeful time for the future of Dravet Syndrome, with developments in gene therapy and other treatments that seek to address not only the symptoms of the condition but also its underlying causes.

Our biennial professional conference is the only scientific meeting in the UK that is dedicated to furthering knowledge about Dravet Syndrome. The conference lasts for one day, bringing a packed agenda of leading voices in Dravet Syndrome to enable discussion of the latest updates, news and medical research.

London 2019

The most recent DSUK Conference took place in London in November 2019. Click here to find out more and to watch our highlights video.

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The very essence of these meetings is networking and new ideas generation. So yes, I can read a paper at home in Australia, but its not the same as meeting with the other researcher that's written the paper and saying 'What do you think about this and perhaps we can explore that together?'. This is what makes for very exciting discoveries and the new research and science that is going to move the field forward and help improve outcomes for children and adults with Dravet Syndrome.