Family Gathering Grant

Living with a child or adult with Dravet Syndrome can be an isolating experience. We understand how important and helpful it is to have the opportunity to meet with other Dravet families to share experiences of living with this complex condition. 

Our Family Gathering Grant provides up to £10 per person (aged 6 or over) and £5 per child aged 1-5 years old to help bring together small groups of families. You may feel that meeting in a café is suitable or, for some, the need for a private room may be required. The grant can be used to hire a suitable meeting room if needed, or it can be put towards the costs of refreshments or even travel. It can also be used to purchase entry tickets to a zoo, theme park, etc. 

Note: due to the current situation around COVID-19 and need for social distancing measures, we are not taking any new applications for family gathering grants at the present time. As soon as its appropriate to do so, we will open applications again.