Super Siblings Award

Siblings of those diagnosed with Dravet Syndrome do not experience a typical upbringing. 

They may be exposed to many difficult or upsetting experiences, such as seeing their brother or sister have a seizure, or undergo emergency medical care. They also need to adapt to the day-to-day pressures of living with Dravet Syndrome - the fact that there are times when plans are cancelled, holidays not possible, sleepovers just too intense and the simple fact that their Mum and Dad are stressed, worried and exhausted. They may also experience those feelings of isolation that often go alongside the pressures of living with a disabled sibling. 

Many parents often speak about the many, amazing little things that these brothers and sisters do for everyone in the family and how they could not manage without their “super siblings”. Unfortunately, the demands of everyday life means that siblings don't always get the recognition they deserve. Our annual Super Sibling award is for these young, unsung heroes of the Dravet family. 


I have lost count of the number of times plans have been cancelled due to seizures or illness. One year a family holiday had to be cancelled as our daughter had pneumonia and ended up in hospital on IVs. Her older sister just took it in her stride as always, despite the fact that it just wasn’t fair.

Mum to an eight year old with Dravet Syndrome

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Supporting the Needs of Siblings

Insights into life as a sibling of a brother or sister living with Dravet Syndrome and suggestions for providing support.

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