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Dravet Syndrome is under-diagnosed. Being aware of the typical features of the syndrome and intervening early to request testing is critical to help reduce the burden of disease and ensure an appropriate treatment plan is in place.

Download our guides for more information about recognising the symptoms of Dravet Syndrome and supporting families living with this complex condition.

Could it be Dravet? A Diagnosis Guide for Health Professionals

This guide was written in conjunction with Professional Advisors, Sameer Zuberi (Consultant Paediatric Neurologist & Honorary Clinical Associate Professor, Royal Hospital for Sick Children, Glasgow), Elaine Hughes (Consultant Paediatric Neurologist, Evelina Children's Hospital, London) and Professor Ingrid Scheffer (Professor of Medicine and Paediatrics at the University of Melbourne). This guide is aimed at medical professionals, giving an overview of the condition and information on when, why and how to test, along with the benefits of getting the correct diagnosis, including treatment and interdisciplinary management.

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Supporting those with Dravet Syndrome: Guidance for Care Providers

Dravet Syndrome is an unpredictable, complex and little known condition. Families describe the demands of caring for a child or dependent adult who has complex epilepsy and a wide range of other challenging symptoms as immense. Amongst current providers of respite or support, a significant lack of knowledge of the condition characterised early contact with families; and the complexities of the condition were not always understood or catered for. This guide seeks to address these gaps.

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