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Charity Golf Day - Arkley Golf Club

Gary James

A charity golf day was held on 9 June at Arkley Golf Club in Barnet, Hertfordshire, which was a huge success! The day had hoped to raise £5,000 which was to be split between Dravet Syndrome UK and Jacob's Dreams but the figure far exceeded the target and it now stands at £6,500.

As many of you know, Jacob is 2 1⁄2 years old and he was diagnosed with Dravet Syndrome last year. Over the next two years, as is common with Dravet syndrome he will have developmental delays such as ataxia (unsteadiness), sleep disturbance, and behavioural problems. As he grows older, the seizures may lessen but the risk of collapsing and injuring himself will persist. There have already been several fundraising activities which have raised money to buy monitoring and sensory equipment.

The golf competition was an Am-Am. i.e. four players in a team with the best two stableford points going on the scorecard. There were twelve teams made up from friends, old and new, along with members from Arkley Golf Club.

After the competition, players relaxed in the early evening sun with a drink before dinner and met Jacob.

The raffle was a tremendous success. There were 35 prizes worth over £1,300 in total. They were all donated by friends, family and local companies and with their help we raised a fantastic £1,500.

You can read the full report on the day here.