Our Research Strategy

Dravet Syndrome UK's five-year strategy for 2021-2026 sets out our aim to deliver ongoing and new research that puts the needs of the families living with Dravet Syndrome at its heart.

There is a lot of genetic research underway, which gives us hope that, in the future, there will be effective gene-based therapies to treat Dravet Syndrome.

But there are many challenges faced by families living with Dravet Syndrome today that haven’t been researched enough.

Our studies are addressing these gaps. It’s why we prioritise research into:

We also support medical research into Dravet Syndrome by collaborating with researchers and companies developing treatments. Our aim is to bridge the gap between families affected by Dravet Syndrome and researchers. We make sure research meets the needs of families living with the condition and that their voices and priorities are heard as studies are developed. 

Read our five-year strategy to find out more about our research aims.