For Families

Welcome to the area of our website that is dedicated to families. Here you can find useful information and get practical support in navigating the day to day challenges of living with Dravet Syndrome. 

At DSUK, we’re here to guide you through these challenges, provide support and reassure you that you and your family are not alone. Our Dravet Community is here to support you every step of the way.  Click on the images below for detailed guidance and advice. 

Join Us

Join our Dravet community to gain access to the comprehensive range of emotional, practical and financial support services we offer.

Family Guide

Our NEW updated and expanded Family Guide is now available. Find out more here.

Apply for Grants

Find out detailed information about the various grants, assistance fund and awards that we provide for families.

Annual Family Weekend

Once a year we bring our families together at Center Parcs in Nottingham for an amazing weekend of fun and community support - read about it here.

Parent/Carer Conference

Every two years we bring together leading experts and parents/carers at our Conference, to share information and knowledge, provide updates and discuss the latest developments.

Supporting Siblings

Insights into life as a sibling of a brother or sister living with Dravet Syndrome and suggestions for providing support.

Wellbeing Support

We're here to provide emotional, practical and financial support for families living with Dravet Syndrome. Click here to find out more.

About Dravet Syndrome

A comprehensive introduction to the clinical aspects of living with Dravet Syndrome.

Talking about SUDEP

SUDEP (Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy) can be a difficult subject to discuss. Here we offer some guidance on how to start a conversation with your medical team on managing the risks of SUDEP.

Covid-19 Resource Hub

Click here to visit the DSUK resource hub for COVID-19 (Coronavirus). Here you can find advice, information and support services specific to coping with Dravet Syndrome during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Helpful Resources

A range of guides and leaflets to support families living with Dravet Syndrome.

Dravet Journeys

Real life insights into living with Dravet Syndrome shared by our amazing community of families.

In Loving Memory

A tribute to loved ones, sadly lost too soon to Dravet Syndrome.

Support for Families Overseas

If you're a family residing outside of the UK, you can find out more about local support organisations here.