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Welcome to the area of our website that is dedicated to healthcare professionals. Here we share information and useful resources to help further the exchange of knowledge and understanding about Dravet Syndrome among professionals.

Latest information about Dravet Syndrome and COVID-19

We have been closely monitoring developments with regard to COVID-19 with guidance from Dravet Syndrome UK's Medical Advisory Board. Click here for the latest information.

A list of drug-drug interactions for COVID-19 and Dravet Syndrome

Clinically relevant drug-drug interaction between AEDs and COVID-19 medications as advised by the Liverpool Drug Interaction Group

Guidance from the British Paediatric Neurology Association

The BPNA has developed a guidance document concerning the management of paediatric neurology patients during the coronavirus pandemic. Click here to download the guide and view other helpful BPNA resources.

Interactions of CBD/HydroxyChloroquine and Stiripentol/Chloroquine

Advice regarding potential interactions between CBD/HydroxyChloroquine and Interactions Stiripentol/Chloroquine which may be relevant to Dravet individuals undergoing treatment for COVID-19

About Dravet Syndrome

New to Dravet Syndrome? You may find this comprehensive introduction useful; includes a detailed discussion of symptoms and current approaches to diagnosis and treatment.

Medical Advisory Board

We’re extremely proud to be working alongside a hugely experienced and dedicated team of Professional Advisors.

Downloadable Guides

With our Professional Advisory Board, we have developed resources to increase knowledge about Dravet Syndrome among medical professionals and care providers.

Professional Conference

Every two years we host a conference for medical professionals, bringing together leading experts in Dravet Syndrome to discuss the latest research and insight into this complex condition.