Our Strategy 2021-2026

We're pleased to be introducing DSUK’s first strategy. This strategy marks an important milestone in our charity’s journey. 

Today, DSUK is a registered charity helping over 550 families with support, education and research services, underpinned by a world class Medical Advisory Board. We recently launched our first five-year strategy - a roadmap to guide our mission to bring hope to families living with Dravet Syndrome.

The strategy shapes what we do and the way we do it. We want to reach more families, to deliver research that puts family needs first, to improve awareness and understanding amongst professionals, particularly in adult neurology and social services, and to give families the tools and support needed to assert their rights.

Four strategic objectives

Our strategy is underpinned by four overarching objectives:

1) Every Family Counts 

    Every UK family living with Dravet Syndrome will be aware of DSUK and the support available, be enabled to access this support as required, and know that all activities and research are driven by the things that count the most to them.

    2) Leaders in the Field

    DSUK will lead the conversation about Dravet Syndrome in the UK, making the best possible use of its research funds, collaborating internationally as opportunities arise, and developing an authoritative global voice.

    3) Support for Professionals

    We will seek to broaden the range of health and social care professionals with an improved understanding of Dravet Syndrome, enabling earlier diagnosis and providing accessible pathways to the best possible treatment and care for all ages.

    4) Empowerment of Families

    Families living with Dravet Syndrome will know and understand their rights and feel empowered to assert these rights to get the support they need.

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      View and download a detailed strategy document, with more information about each of our strategic objectives, how we plan to approach these, and how we'll evaluate our progress against these goals.

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