16+ Assistance Fund

Our 16+ assistance fund is available to fund any items of equipment or assistance that will improve the life of a young adult with Dravet Syndrome, aged 16 or older.

Families can apply for one item or one project (which may require several items). The limit on each application is usually up to £1,000 per year per adult. This fund is non-means tested and families can apply at any time.

How to apply:

As with all our assistance funds, the applications are not means tested, although a  letter confirming a Dravet Syndrome diagnosis is required and each application is assessed to see whether the needs are being met elsewhere.

If you would like to apply for the 16+ Assistance Fund, please check our application guidelines below and then click on the link below to complete an application form. 

Guidelines for applications:

          - Electrical equipment including iPads/laptops, TV's

          - Bedroom furniture

          - Garden equipment (including hot tubs)

          - Sensory equipment

          - Wheelchair or wheelchair accessories such as powerpacks or wheelchair beach kits.

Apply for 16+ Assistance Fund

Click here to go to our application form.

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