The Epilepsy Research Institute joins forces with Dravet Syndrome UK to develop a future leader in Dravet Syndrome research

Posted 2nd October 2023 in News

We are delighted to announce a funding collaboration with the newly-launched Epilepsy Research Institute for a Fellowship to develop a future leader investigating Dravet Syndrome. 

Dravet Syndrome is one of the most common genetic epilepsies to occur in early childhood and causes seizures that are often prolonged and recurrent. Dravet Syndrome also encompasses intellectual disability and a spectrum of associated conditions including autism, ADHD, challenging behaviours and difficulties with speech, mobility, eating and sleep. 

There is an urgent need for research to improve how Dravet Syndrome is diagnosed, treated and managed, and for a better understanding of the condition’s impact on families.

Maxine Smeaton, Chief Executive of the Epilepsy Research Institute, said: “We are proud to be joining forces with Dravet Syndrome UK to develop a future leader in Dravet Syndrome research. This important collaboration will provide vital evidence needed to improve diagnosis, treatment and clinical management of Dravet Syndrome.

“Integral to the assessment and implementation of the proposed research will be meaningful involvement of members of the Dravet Syndrome community, to ensure the priorities of the people most affected are central to this work.”

Galia Wilson, Chair of Dravet Syndrome UK, said: “We’re thrilled to collaborate with the Epilepsy Research Institute to find a future leader in Dravet Syndrome, a devastating condition that impacts the whole family. At Dravet Syndrome UK, our strategy is to enable research that is vital to families and improves the lives of those affected by the condition. The collaboration with the Epilepsy Research Institute, with whom we share research priorities and community-focused values, fits perfectly with this strategy. We are excited to commence the Joint Fellowship and we thank all our fundraisers for making this future leader project possible.”

Learn more about the impact of Dravet Syndrome on family life and the work of Dravet Syndrome UK in this piece from Galia Wilson and Claire Eldred (DSUK Director) here.

How to apply for this Fellowship

With the Epilepsy Research Institute, we are now inviting applications for research to investigate the causes, diagnosis, treatment and clinical management of Dravet Syndrome. Please visit the Epilepsy Research Institute's 'Hub' for full detail on how to apply. You need to be a researcher to apply. 

Epilepsy Research Institute

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