MedPage Epileptic Seizure Monitor

The Medpage MP5V2 High Sensitivity Seizure Monitor is what might be described as a ‘mattress monitor’. 

It works via a sensor, which is positioned under the mattress and plugged into an alarm. This model also includes a recording Wi-Fi camera useful for recording seizure data to show a specialist nurse or GP.

MedPage mattress monitor

Information about the MedPage monitor provided by the manufacturers:

The Medpage MP5V2 epileptic seizure movement detector is designed to detect a variety of seizure types from all ages, including tremor, Tonic phase and seizures that cause limb twitching movements.

The high performance sensor and control software positively identifies seizure movement from a sleeping person, ignoring usual sleeping movements. A verified ongoing seizure results in an alarm notification transmission to the carer pagers with a working range of 100M (2 supplied). 

The sensor (300mm x 200mm x 10mm) has a sensitivity control to allow adjustment for patient body weight and bed/cot mattress type. A permissible movement alarm delay also has a control dial allowing adjustment from 2 30 seconds. This setting allows a person to turn over, or reposition themselves without alarm generation. Settings are digitally stored to prevent tampering or accidental adjustment.

MP5V2 will detect movements resulting from an epileptic nocturnal seizure including minute prolonged movements from children. 

The MP5V2 is also supplied with a recording Wi-Fi camera useful for recording seizure data to show a specialist nurse or GP. The camera can be set to record from a mobile when the pager seizure notification is received. The camera can be used to view the patient without disturbance.

Please note: the MedPage is a movement detection monitor and therefore does not provide alerts for non-convulsive types of seizures, such as absence seizures. 

Find out more about the MedPage MP5V2 monitor here

Feedback from families on using the Medpage monitor:

The Medpage is a movement detection monitor and does not provide alerts for non-convulsive types of seizures. Families who have used the Medpage reported that it was easy to set up - taking about 30 minutes in total, including connecting the video app. 

After a few nights of adjusting to the monitor, families have found it easy to set to body weight and normal sleep movements of the child or adult with Dravet Syndrome. The families didn’t need to worry about their child causing a false alarm by setting off a sensor simply by moving in their sleep, or the sensor not picking up a convulsive seizure as the Medpage monitors the whole sleeping area.

This can be particularly helpful for families with younger children or babies who move around a lot in their sleep, as by turning the whole sleeping area into a sensor, families did not have to worry about their child rolling off the sensor.

Families also describe the new video camera to be very good good quality and they like the facility to take screenshots of the images, which is helpful for showing footage to their doctor to let him see how their Dravet family member sleeps overnight. The SD card stored handily stored in the camera. 

Important: the MedPage Epileptic Seizure Monitor and other monitoring equipment provided by DSUK is in an assistive capacity only. The intention of provision is to assist in the management of an individual, and their condition and symptoms, to help minimise risk. Monitoring devices are assistive only and must not be used in substitute for observing clinical signs. DSUK can accept no liability for the accuracy of monitoring equipment nor for any consequences resulting from reliance on the device, or the actions of a patient, carer, medical practitioner or other individual resulting from use of the monitoring device.