Video Monitor

Video monitors are often used alongside other seizure alarms as helpful visual tools for monitoring the activities of children or adults with Dravet Syndrome when they are out of immediate sight, e.g. when playing in a different room or sleeping in their bed.

Feedback from families on using video monitors:

Families have reported that video monitors can provide peace of mind, particularly for those who are unable to get along with other forms of monitoring. While not a seizure alarm, video monitors enable parents/carers to keep an eye on their child or adult with Dravet Syndrome, when they are in a different room. The portable screen is also helpful for parents/carers in providing a visual check to see if assistance is needed (which they cannot do with just an audio monitor).

Important: Video Monitors and other monitoring equipment provided by DSUK are an assistive capacity only. The intention of provision is to assist in the management of an individual, and their condition and symptoms, to help minimise risk. Monitoring devices are assistive only and must not be used in substitute for observing clinical signs. DSUK can accept no liability for the accuracy of monitoring equipment nor for any consequences resulting from reliance on the device, or the actions of a patient, carer, medical practitioner or other individual resulting from use of the monitoring device.

DSUK provision of video monitor

We understand that video monitors can vary in function and whilst some parents prefer a Wi-Fi camera with link to phones or tablets, others prefer a separate screen and mains power with battery backup. 

We recognise that choosing a video monitor is a personal choice to suit the individual and we therefore ask parents/carers to choose their own preferred monitor. When you've chosen which monitor you'd prefer and have submitted an application, you will then be contacted by one of our team to ask for the chosen monitor details. We will purchase the monitor on your behalf and have it delivered direct to you.

Dravet Syndrome UK will fund a video monitor up to the value of £500.