Watch our 'COVID-19: Focus on Adults with Dravet Syndrome' Webinar

If you're a parent/carer of an older child, a young adult or adult with Dravet Syndrome, don't miss the third in our series of COVID-19 webinars. 

On Saturday 25th April, Professor Sanjay Sisodiya, an adult neurologist and member of the DSUK Medical Advisory Board, and Fiona QC, a leading family lawyer, jointly presented a webinar focused on meeting the medical needs and safeguarding the rights of Dravet adults.

Professor Sisdoya is the UK's foremost expert on providing medical care for adults with Dravet Syndrome. As well as discussing COVID-19, he discusses the broader aspects of care and treatment for Dravet adults. He had a message of hope for families, affirming "it is possible for adults to be seizure free", and noting that his oldest Dravet patient is now 70 years old! 

Fiona Scolding QC is a Barrister at Landmark Chambers and has particular expertise in areas concerning children and vulnerable adults, with a focus upon education, the Court of Protection, healthcare, community care, equality, human rights and discrimination. 

During the webinar, Fiona discusses rights (such as deputyship) available to parents/carers to support the best care and quality of life for their Dravet adults. She also addresses concerns around impact on social care of the the recent Coronavirus 2020 Act noting: "the message from government to councils, unless you absolutely have too it should be business as usual with social care (for adults)". 

Click the image below to watch a playback recording of the webinar. It's a longer watch so take some time and grab a cup of tea. Professor Sisodiya speaks first; Fiona Scolding's section starts at about 30 minutes in. 

Professor Sisodiya's slides from the webinar are available to download here and Fiona Scolding's slides on the impact of the Coronavirus 2020 Act are available here

Fiona and Sanjay