Exploring Dravet Syndrome via the Whole Genome Project

Lead researcher: Professor Sanjay Sisodiya

Partners: Epilepsy Society

The aim of this research was to explore how broader variations in people’s genetic code can affect Dravet Syndrome. Researchers wanted to understand why Dravet Syndrome is a spectrum condition which affects people differently – and some so severely.

Researchers used blood tests to decode the genetics of people with Dravet Syndrome, as well as those with other types of epilepsy. They also looked at the genetic code of people who don’t have any type of epilepsy. 

They found that people with Dravet Syndrome have both rare and common variations of genetic code. This is significant because it might mean that we can create treatments that learn from the differences in genetic code, so that the severity of Dravet syndrome might be reduced in some people.

Professor Sisodiya and his team are extending the project to study the genetic variations of more people. This could provide evidence to explore the idea that more genes may play a role when someone has Dravet Syndrome.