Finding out why some people respond to treatment and others don’t

Lead researcher: Dr Ulrike Hedrich, Hertie Institute for Clinical Brain Research (HIH) at University Hospital Tübingen

Partners: ApoyoDravet | Dravet-Syndrom e.V. | Stichting Dravetsyndroom | Nederland Vlaanderen | Sindrome di Dravet - Gruppo Famiglie Associazione ONLUS | Swiss Dravet Syndrome Association

Start date: 2022

In partnership with other organisations in Europe, we’re co-funding research into how Dravet Syndrome develops. Dr Hedrich and his team will look at how certain cells – known as 'neuron-oligodendrotytes' – interact when someone has Dravet Syndrome.   

This project has the potential to significantly advance our understanding of Dravet Syndrome. It could help us to understand why some people respond to certain treatments and others don’t.