Jake Smith


In memory of Jake, who was lost to parents Rebecca and Chris, brother George and sister Olivia. Rebecca shares his story.

Jake was born on 1st November 2012 - at 4 months he had his first prolonged seizure lasting 45 minutes. Two weeks later he had another prolonged seizure, which led to another hospital admission and many tests including two lumbar punctures, an EEG, and an MRI.  

Over the next few months many more seizures followed and in July 2013 he was diagnosed with epilepsy. However, his consultant was still convinced he had a much more complex condition, he pushed for the test, which came back with the diagnosis of Dravet Syndrome around the time of Jake’s first birthday.

Throughout his first year of life, Jake had many hospital stays and tests but he was an inspiration to us all and was always giggling and happy. We have so many wonderful photos, he loved having his picture taken!

We had so many exciting adventures as a family - Scotland, Lanzarote and Disney World Florida, which was the most wonderful holiday. Jake, along with his brother George and sister Olivia, enjoyed every minute!

During the week leading up to losing Jake, we had such a fun packed time - trampolining, going out for tea and a birthday party for Jake’s baby cousin Frankie. On Saturday 17th December, we went to visit Father Christmas at the Rock Church in York, followed by tea at at the family’s favourite Oskar’s. We had a lovely evening at home watching Jake play, climb and giggle lots. 

That night Jake went to bed so very happy and he sadly didn’t wake up the following morning due to a seizure which was to be too much for him.