Guidance and Further Information

Below is a list of useful links for accessing more help and advice on the transition to adulthood (topics organised from A-Z).


SeAp is an independent charity that specialises in the provision of advocacy and related services. Visit their website or call the helpline for advice on 0330 440 9000.

Find out about other non-statutory advocacy services provided in the UK here.

Educational and Residential Care

Residential settings which care for children for more than 295 days per year or which care primarily for individuals over 18 are regulated by:

Residential settings are assessed on five standards, which ask if the setting is safe, effective, caring, responsive to people’s needs and well-led. Check the websites listed above to find out when individual residential settings were last assessed and how they rated against these five standards.

More information and advice is also available via the Preparing for Adulthood website.

Emerging Sexual Behaviour and Sex Education

Expert sexual health services are available via Special Educational Needs provisions, such as the school nurse, or by requesting support via your GP.

The sexual health charity, the Family Planning Association (FPA), also has useful resources and support for people with learning disabilities, which you can access here.

Don’t forget, schools also have sex education on their curriculum. Ask your school when and how this will be delivered. This may help you decide whether you need to go ahead and access additional services.

Financial Support

The best online resource for finding out about the financial support available to carers from the government is the Citizen's Advice Bureau.

In addition, a number of grants and assistance programmes are available. Visit the Get Support section of this website to find out about the grants we provide for families living with Dravet Syndrome.

Visit the Disability Grants website to find out if you are eligible for a wide range of charitable grants.

Legal Deputyship

Find out how to apply for Deputyship in England and Wales here.

Find out how to apply for Guardianship in Scotland here.

Read useful case studies provided by the Office of the Public Guardian in Scotland here.

Find out how to apply for the legal position of Controller in Northern Ireland here.

NHS Continuing Healthcare

Find out more about NHS Continuing Healthcare here.

For independent advice and guidance, visit the Beacon website or call the free helpline on 0345 548 0300.

Social Care

Read guidance from the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) on Transition from Children’s to Adults’ Services for Young People Using Health or Social Care Services. NICE guideline [NG43] February 2016.

Visit the Preparing for Adulthood website for helpful information aimed at supporting young people with special educational needs.

Other websites with helpful guidance on the transition into adults services include:

Supporting Siblings

For siblings aged 8–17, the Over The Wall charity runs sibling residential activity camps for siblings across the UK free of charge. It provides excellent sibling support and is rated ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted. You can apply to join online at 

For families living in the London area, Hope for Epilepsy London provides a safe space for families to socialise, reduce isolation and build relationships.

For families living outside London, visit the Carer’s UK website to find out about local young carer groups.